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Comfortably accommodates tanners up to 6’10” with a 25% larger tanning surface.SUNCO 83” x 39” Competition 67” x 28”

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The majority of people who purchase a residential home tanning bed from Sunco are extremely pleased, the one comment we hear more than any other is “I wish I had bought a larger tanning bed.”

Sunco is committed to providing our customers with the correct bed size. Before you buy a residential tanning bed, we want you to understand the length, width and canopy size before you buy. These simple steps, will assure you are choosing the right size tanning bed. The chart below will allow you to buy he correct bed size.

Always Buy For The Largest Tanning Bed User
When choosing a tanning bed for your home, consider the size of the largest person who will be using it. Even if someone doesn’t normally tan, the convenience of having a home tanning bed might just persuade them to use it. It’s always better to have a larger tanning bed than you need than to wish you had bought the next larger size.

Adequate Tanning Coverage
The standard tanning lamp is 71″ long, from tip to tip. Subtract about an inch from each end and you have the “Effective Tanning Bulb Length” (ETBL). This means a 6′ home tanning bed is meant for someone 5′ 8″ or shorter. Larger tanning beds offset the tanning bulbs over the face area to provide proper coverage over your entire body. The ETBL remains the same, but by offsetting the lamps, a 7′ tanning bed will comfortably accommodate a 6′ 9″ person. Smaller people can tan in larger tanning beds, but taller people will not be comfortable in a smaller tanning bed.

Additional Features
The added length to accommodate taller people, the 7′ home tanning beds have more room to add features. The XS Power 30 offers a 7 foot tanning surface and can be upgraded with face and arm tanners, for 50% more bronzing effect.


Professional Tanning Bed Consultants are available Monday through Saturday


Smaller people can tan in larger tanning beds, but taller people will not be comfortable in a smaller bed. (6′ bed shown)


Offsetting lamps allows longer tanning surfaces for taller people



Some tanning beds offer a face tanner option