Dual Tone Twister – F71 Bi-Pin



  • 7.5% UVB 100 Watt
  • 1,200 Useful Hours
  • Dual phosphor with built in Face Tanners for those hard to tan area
  • Increased surface area which provides you more tanning power
  • New Lower Price!
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Dual Tone Twister Lamp

Dual Tone Twister lamps will work with and upgrade any standard tanning bed to Elite level. This lamp offers all the features of the famous Twister lamp with the added facial technology. The first of its kind, the Dual Tone Twister allows tanners to get an exact even tan over the entire body from head to toe! Before you had to have separate, expensive facial lamps to achieve the perfect tan, now with our exclusive, scientifically formulated, state of the art Dual Tone Twister one lamp can achieve it all.

Rated with an overall 7.5% UV output, this lamp utilizes twister technology. The scientifically engineered design of the lamp provides 50% more bronzing rays in the pink area. More bronzing means less burning and these lamps will significantly reduce the “aging” side affects which provides the healthiest way to tan ever!

The “Twist” affect gives the lamp more surface area which causes the UV to explode to heights unachievable by any other lamp. The result is an ultimate bronze tan producing deeper, richer colors than any ordinary lamp.

1000 useful hours provide you with the longest lamp life possible with over 50% more useful hours than standard tanning lamps. Design to produce more bronzing and less burning rays than other super lamps, the Dual Tone Twister is the most powerful and easiest way to achieve the ultimate tan without ever having to cover your face when you tan

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