Solar Storm 48ST Commercial Vertical Tanning Bed


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  • 10 Min Tan Time
  • 7680 Watt
  • Reflector Technology Lamps
  • 220 Volt
  • Gold Medal Warranty
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Product Description


The Solar Storm 48ST Commercial Vertical Tanning Bed brings the sun’s most dominant bronzing power to life with its 48 advanced technology lamps. The extremely high efficient lamps produce 7680 watts of unbridled bronzing power. The exclusive vertical tunnel design provides the special “No Contact” blue print, providing complete 360 ° tanning capacity, for an exact even tan form head to toe. The open style cooling feature and space saving design requires less room than many home tanning systems; while inside providing spacious, comfortable surface area to accommodate any tanner. The advanced energy efficient technology and unique ergonomic elements makes Solar Storm 48ST Commercial Vertical Tanning Bed any salon’s premier bed. Apply for our easy in-house financing!



  • 48 extremely efficient 160 watt Bronzing Lamps
  • 7680 watts


  • 220 Volt


  • Vertical Tunnel Design
  • Exclusively designed acrylic sheet
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe

Special Features

  • High-tech digital timer
  • Pre-wired remote hookup available to communicate directly to your TMAX timer system and wireless capable


  • Open style head to toe comfort


  • 77 inches High, 48 inches Wide
  • Recommended room size 6’x 7′


I have studied the topics listed below. I have read and understand their respective actions and functions. By accepting these terms and conditions, I confirm that I consider myself prepared and willing to operate your Tanning Bed and/or Booth consistent with the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual. I agree that:

I have read and understand the content of the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual.
I have/will consult my Physician if I am taking any medications and have regular evaluations for skin cancer when repeatedly exposed to UV radiation.
I understand this product must not be used when open wounds or skin lesions are present.
This product will not be used by anyone under 18 years of age.
I will schedule my exposure sessions consistent with the instructions in the Skin Type Sensitivities Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
I will use the timer to control the operation of the Tanning Bed.
I will discontinue tanning if I experience any health concerns, have had skin cancer, or family history of skin cancer.
I will resume tanning ONLY with the approval of my Physician.
I will use ONLY 21CFR878.4635 and 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear and components as listed in the Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
The tanning Bed is to be used by ONLY one person at a time.
All major repairs must be completed ONLY by an authorized service representative.
I will adhere to the instructions as stated in the Care and Maintenance Section of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
Prior to tanning, my body must be free of cosmetics, tanning lotions, and body lotions.
Prior to tanning I will not remove my natural body oil.
When tanning I will always wear 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear.

11 reviews for Solar Storm 48ST Commercial Vertical Tanning Bed

  1. Tanner Brown

    I own a Excersie Barn in Texas and this stand tall unit has really been popular with my clients. They do not have to tounch the screen and it takes only minutes to refresh your tan. The extremly high efficient reflector lamps produce 7680 watts of unbridled bronzing power. The exclusive vertical tunnel design provides the special \No Contact\” blue print

  2. Marsha

    I have used tanning beds before but this vertical high efficient reflector lamps produce 7680 watts of unbridled bronzing power.

    It reduces the time anyone uses the booth and allows others easy access because it does not need to be wiped down,

  3. Marco

    I seldom if ever write reviews. But this 48 lamp vertical tanning salon is just fabulous. It runs about 6 hours per day here in our club and patrons love it. I wish I had bought one sooner – great tanning machine

  4. Mahler

    Over the years our indoor swimming pool had resonable steady winter useage. Needing to improve revenue we add this tanning bed and the swimmers could step in for 5 minutes and come out feeling just great. The experiment worked and we are now on our second unit.

  5. Connie

    Most tanning beds have 16-24 lamps this unit has 48 lamps, more than double the number of lamps and it reduces exposure time. Exposure time reduces wear and tear onthe equipment and it will last longer. I am sold and beleive that 48 lamp version is the only way to tan.

  6. White Water

    We have a small business that caters to white water rafters and we bought this vertical tanner and wow they beat a path to our door. The rafters love the heat and light tan and with vertical unit we can run one after another with out cleaning – thanks Sunco for a\\llowing us to finance this model.

  7. Sunglow

    What a great addition to our salon. The staff and the customers love this vertical machine. The customers are in and out quick, and the staff keeps the traffic flow moving. It has substantially added to our revenue and been a very reliable piece of equipment.

  8. Joyce

    Tanning has become very popular among our customers so the addition to this vertical model has allowed us the space to put in an additional bed. It’s great for business and great for employee morale. They love the extra perc. We have had a great experience in dealing with your staff. They are always very helpful and we rely on their suggestions.

  9. Garry

    We’ve been looking for the right solution to add tanning to our outdoor experience lodge, but had a real space problem. This has answered all of our problems and been a real hit with the customers. We weren’t sure if it would pay for itself. We are no longer concerned about that and it has only been here a month. Wish we had done it sooner.

  10. Ryan’s Rafting Rally

    We had a small room that wasn’t being used and a new employee suggested a vertical bed to make good use of it. Boy, was he right! We are the first in the area to add this feature and it is putting us ahead of the competition. My wife and I are taking our turn after hours and loving it. Really energizes us after a long day and our new appearance is a great sales tool.

  11. James

    Our customers want to breeze in and out in a hurry to get back on the slopes. They also want to get to the fireplace in the lobby and be refreshed and tanned for all their friends. This is the ultimate; and they are willing to pay for the best. You guys are definitely the best!

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