Solar Wave 24 Deluxe 110 Volt Tanning Bed


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  • 24 extremely high efficient Wolff Lamps
  • 15 Minute Tanning Session
  • Delivered 98% Pre Assembled
  • 110 Volts works on regular household current
  • Gold Medal Warranty
  • Additional 2 year warranty
  • Spread out and tan with nearly 30% more room with the XL upgrade!

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Product Description


The Solar Wave 24 Deluxe home tanning bed delivers the same dynamic tanning power as the popular 220 Volt version but offers the convenience of operating on a 110-volt household circuit. The Solar Wave 24 Deluxe Tanning Bed 110 Volt brings the salon tan right into your home.

Dark tanning lamps, coupled with angled polished reflectors, maximize the tanning rays for a dark, rich tan.

Enjoy the 2400 watts of tanning power from the Solar Wave 24 Deluxe Tanning Bed -110 volt model tanning bed in the comfort of your own home. This bed comes equipped with 24 high efficiency Wolff® lamps delivering you a perfect 15 minute tan time. This stylish bed features a contour tunnel design with an aluminum and steel frame. Sunco Tanning offers the Gold Medal Warranty and easy financing for this tanning bed.


24 Body Lamps

  • 24* high efficiency 100w Wolff® lamps
  • 50% more bronzing rays, double lamp life


  • 15 minute session time
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
  • Exclusively designed acrylic
  • Specially designed aluminum reflectors

Special Features

  • Security timer automatically monitors standard time to guarantee accurate session time


  • 75.75″L x 35″ W x 48″ H
  • Recommended room size 6’x 7′


  • 110 VOLT dedicated circuit
  • 20 AMP circuit breaker

Free Body Cooling Fan


I have studied the topics listed below. I have read and understand their respective actions and functions. By accepting these terms and conditions, I confirm that I consider myself prepared and willing to operate your Tanning Bed and/or Booth consistent with the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual. I agree that:

I have read and understand the content of the LPI, Inc. User Instruction Manual.
I have/will consult my Physician if I am taking any medications and have regular evaluations for skin cancer when repeatedly exposed to UV radiation.
I understand this product must not be used when open wounds or skin lesions are present.
This product will not be used by anyone under 18 years of age.
I will schedule my exposure sessions consistent with the instructions in the Skin Type Sensitivities Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
I will use the timer to control the operation of the Tanning Bed.
I will discontinue tanning if I experience any health concerns, have had skin cancer, or family history of skin cancer.
I will resume tanning ONLY with the approval of my Physician.
I will use ONLY 21CFR878.4635 and 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear and components as listed in the Tables of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
The tanning Bed is to be used by ONLY one person at a time.
All major repairs must be completed ONLY by an authorized service representative.
I will adhere to the instructions as stated in the Care and Maintenance Section of the LPI, Inc. Instruction Manual.
Prior to tanning, my body must be free of cosmetics, tanning lotions, and body lotions.
Prior to tanning I will not remove my natural body oil.
When tanning I will always wear 21CFR1040.20 approved eyewear.

14 reviews for Solar Wave 24 Deluxe 110 Volt Tanning Bed

  1. Lyle

    My wife loved a tanned body – so I bought this tanning bed to satisfy her needs and I use it every week inthe winter to keep my tan

  2. Tim

    The 24 XS ccomes with 110 power which sold me on the unit. Others beds needed 220 and I did not want to spend the money. But I can see no determental reason for not buying 110 volt tanning bed. It was sure great last week when it is was -4 outside and I showed up with a tan. Thanks Sunco

  3. Joyce

    I bought this tanning bed because it provides a great source of Vitamin D, Vitamin D is important and required by the body. I was suffering from Virtamin D deficiency and the doctor tells me I need sunlight. When you live in Wsisconsin it is hard to get enough so I bought a tanning bed.

  4. Elizabeth

    The tanning is marvelous your were not kidding. I look 5 years younger. The finance package tailored to my needs is what sold me and thanks for your help

  5. Mark

    I heard that too much sune was bad for you- well I read that although most of the health-promoting benefits of sun exposure occur through vitamin D photosynthesis, there are other health benefits that have gone largely overlooked in the debate over how much sun is needed for good health\. I am a white as snow and I bought this bed to get a little iv rays and I could not be happier. “

  6. Geoffrey

    I am small health club and we use this residential model in our club of about 150 patrons per month. We have yet to replace anything except the lamps. This bed will last anyone a very long time.

  7. Marsie

    So I always wanted to look like the models on TV. So I los some weight and colored my hair and did my makeup but there was something missing. Then I saw this model with no tan lines and I found this tanning bed and now I look the way I wanted – Thanks Sunco for making my small budget accomplish my goals

  8. Beatrice

    I live intghe hills of NC and wanted to look like I lived onthe beach – so I financed this tanning bed and do I look good. Thanks for all your help Sunco

  9. Ginger Hoffman

    Love having a quality bed at home where I can use the technology safely

  10. Daniel

    The wife and kids have been begging for their own tanning bed and I finally gave in. I feel it is much safer to have the use under our control. My only stipulation has been that I get first priority. I’m happy with our decision and with the helpfulness of your staff.

  11. Jeremy

    This is the third bed we have owned. Have two vacation homes and we wouldn’t be without a bed now. Love the facial feature of this one.

  12. Shannon

    We love having our own bed in the house. With 4 teen agers I love being able to moniter their use and you made the whole transaction a joy. We actually have a schedule posted on the frig. Of course, Mom gets priority since I’l the one that talked Dad into it. He’s now a believer.

  13. Gerald

    I am a happy husband and father of 4 teens. I finally broke down and bought a tanning bed for the family. I’m a hero and I feel better that the family is using the latest and safest technology. Thanks for helping me make my selection.

  14. Ed

    DON’T BUY FROM WOLF!!! They sent me a broken bed and weeks later it sits broken. I didnt get 1 minute use of it and no communication from sale. They pushed me off to some bs warranty dept. who was useless. They want me to fix my new bed. This company is a joke. I posted video on amazon to view.

    • LaDonna

      Ed, we appreciate your feedback and apologize for the experience you’ve received. Our goal is to always provide excellent service throughout the entire process! After looking into your case, it appears that we’ve previously sent out a replacement ballast along with recommending a technician. We have attempted to call you about these concerns and have left a voicemail. Please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience so we can help resolve these issues. We are always happy to help!

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