Wolff Dark Tan Plus – F73 RDC


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  • 10% Stronger Than Dark Tanning Lamps
  • Assurance of Quality Guranteed
  • Provides a Dark Tanning  in a Short Time Period
  • Available in F59

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Wolff Dark Tan Plus

The Wolff Dark Tan Plus tanning lamps have been the most trusted Wolff lamps in the industry. They provide instant color and pack a powerful punch. These lamps are 10% more powerful than the Dark Tan II lamp & have more darkening power and achieve faster results than standard replacement lamps. They give a dark tan in a short period of time.

The Wolff System Dark Tan Plus Tanning Lamps are full performance, long lasting premium lamps. The lOOw non-reflector lamps are strong enough to find application in 10 or 12 minute tanning units. A unique blend of UVA and Strong (Approx 7%) UVB phosphors. They give immediate color with the desirable delayed tan also. It is considered a very powerful, hot lamp.

Series of quality control tests are done before leaving the factory which guarantee quality and useful life. Life expectancy is 600 hours which offers high life expectancy for a non-reflector High UVB output lamp.

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8 reviews for Wolff Dark Tan Plus – F73 RDC

  1. Victor Winstead

    these are not you averge tanning lamps but high qulaity lamps that will provide 600 hours of service and a great price

  2. Jonas Stark

    There are many places to buy lamps I use Sunco because I bought the bed from them, the prices is less than I can acquire the same lamps in Atlanta area and they deleivery them to my door within days.

  3. Tammy Watkins

    For all you tanning buffs I jut want to tell you these dark tan lamps are fabulous and they tan with less time. I can tan now in les that 10 minutes and it has to help the life of the bulb. Good Bulb

  4. Arnold

    We use a tanning bed to subsititute the vitamin D that we never get from sun light here in Minn. We are housebound 6 months the year and tanning beds is used to enabe a healthy appearance.

  5. Charles R.

    The price of these bulbs are the cheapest I can find. Over the past year I have watched prices on many other outlets and nothing come close to these prices. If the lamps are cheaper wome where else be mindful they must be a \\chjeaper bulb with less quality.

  6. Arlene Sanders

    Our family loves the deep, dark tan we get in a very short amount of time. In our fast paced lives it makes a difference. We really appreciate the service we get from your staff. We have dealt with you for several years and find it a true pleasure.

  7. Grant

    This is our third order of these bulbs and we wouldn’t think of ordering anything else or with any other company. Your prices are great and your speedy service is really appreciated. You never let us down and keep our business running smoothly. You are he best supplier we have.

  8. Gus

    These bulbs are the best. You get a really dark tan in 10 minutes. You can’t beat that. And the price is right. What more can I say

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