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  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Designed with Advanced
  • Proprietary Phosphor Mix
  • Double Baked Phosphor
  • Longer Lamp Life
  • Even Tanning Results

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Wolff Velocity Tanning Lamp

The Wolff Velocity tamps have become the mo$t recognizable lamp in the market. Their unique design offers proportionately which increases the amounts of UVA emitted which helps darken the pigment granules more quickly without increasing the risks of erythema (redness) in the skin. This increase in the UVA increases vitality, pigment formation and oxidation of the melanin which results in rich, dark beautiful tans.

Series of quality control tests are done before leaving the factory which guarantee quality and a useful life. Designed with an advanced, proprietary phosphor mix. Velocity lamps have a double baked phosphor that increases the life of the lamps and produces even tanning results to give clients the fist, rich, dark tans they want.

They provide scientifically measured amounts of both UVB and UVA that effectively stimulates and oxidizes melanin for deep, dark tans. We refer to our lamp as a “bronzing lamp”. Just the right amount of UVA and UVB to give tanners the desired deep, dark golden brown results faster and are rated at 1,000 hours service life.

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7 reviews for Wolff Velocity – F73 RDC

  1. Charles Buckley

    The tanning bulbs with UVA that effectively stimulates and oxidizes deep, dark tans. \bronzing lamp\” give tanners the desired deep

  2. Bob Marrita

    The Wolff Velocity tamps are the most recognizable lamp on the market today. The competiitve price they arfe offered is the reason we buy all our lamps at Sunco

  3. Rebecca

    I started buying these lamps because of an article I read that said, that this lamp scientifically measured amounts of both UVB and UVA that effectively stimulates and oxidizes melanin for deep, dark tans. Well I am bronze and plan to stay that way using this \bronzing lamp\”. I beleive the lamps dispense the right amount of UVA and UVB to give me the desired deep

  4. Thomas G.

    I bought tanning bulbs from other suppliers but they wanted so much more then Sunco. I can not why since the bulbs are th same – I order on a Friday and have them at my door by Wednesday Good value

  5. Robert L.

    Wlof tanning lamps are universally know as the original tanning lamp. Obviously over the years the quality and the UVB and UVA has improved but thge price has gone donw. The bronzing pmap is my favorite

  6. Harriet Murdock

    We were recently introduced to your company and are very pleased with the quality and price of this product. Our customers are pleased with the tanning effect they get. You will be getting all of our business in the future. Wish we knew about you sooner.

  7. Randy

    I’m in charge of all purchases for our salon and I am so happy I found out about Sunco.
    We love these bulbs and are so happy to find them at better prices. We will be loyal customers from now on and your customer service is spot on.

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